Clinical Course in Eendodontics |   Clinical Course Coaching

Clinical Courses

A dentist is known for its expert hand. But to have an expert hand there is need for a great practice under the supervision of an expert of the field. Therefore there is introduction for Extensive Clinical Course in Endodontics. The Course is managed in two special Modules. Classes conducted in latest clinical facilities.

Endodontics Module 1(Week 1) :

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment planning
  2. RCT : Anatomy and Variation
  3. De-Rooting
  4. Location of Root Canals
  5. Working Length Determination
  6. Biomechanical Preparations for RC
  7. Intra Canal Medicaments
  8. Single Sitting RCT
  9. Manual and Rotary Instruments
  10. Obturation of Canals
  11. Radiographic Techniques and Principles

Endodontics Module 2 (Week 2)

  1. Location of RC with Magnifier Loop
  2. Apex Locator-Working length Determination
  3. Preparation of RC with Endo Motor
  4. Obturation and ThemoplasticizedGutta Percha
  5. Metal Post v/s Fiber Post
  6. Post Space Preparations
  7. Core Buildup