Extra Edge Workshops - NIME

Extra Edge Workshops

Under this program, a student is pushed to break his/her boundaries/ Improving the performance/ coming out of the comfort zone. The classroom coaching under extra edge program motivates the student to overcome self-barriers. The high yielding study material and the extra coaching – with its ‘model papers’, and exams – gives that extra edge to score high in the exams.

In the beginning of the lecture, a manual of Key points is handed over to students before the beginning of the class to enable them to get an idea about the topics of discussions. Apart from coaching and test series, there is a provision of dedicated councilor to make the judgments over the improvements needed in the students’ curriculum.


Upcoming Extra Edge Workshops

  1. APPG Crash Course from 2oth Dec 2015  to 31st Jan 2016
  2. PGI Quest classroom course starting from 20th Feb 2016 to 28th Feb 2016